Defending Yourself Against Simple Assault Charges

The definition of assault is the intent of arousing fear of bodily harm or committing battery. If the person who has been assaulted does not come to any bodily harm, a case of simple assault may be filed against him or her. The charges and penalties associated with the charge differ from one state to another. If you have been charged with a case of simple assault either because of family violence or a felony, you will need to consult an attorney to fight your case.

The Technicalities

There are numerous technicalities connected to such cases and only an experienced attorney will be able to find the best options and fight your case to reduce the penalties if possible. The lawyer you hire should be specialized in assault charges. An experienced attorney will be able to fight your case better. You can check with people you know before you hire the services of an attorney. Though your lawyer will be handling the actual case, you will still have to prepare for the case.

Preparing for the Case

You will have to collect all the paperwork that your attorney asks you to get. The police report, arrest record, information about any witnesses, mental health record and an alibi if you have one. At the actual arraignment, you will also have to decide whether you are pleading guilty or not. You will have to defend yourself appropriately. Your attorney will discuss all the possible outcomes with you and the strategy that you will be following. The important thing is that you speak the truth. That is the only way consistency can be maintained.

Hire a Good Lawyer

A good lawyer may be able to have the penalties reduced and you might be able to get away with community services, probation of a lighter jail term. If a weapon had been used, the law might revoke your weapon license. There are numerous technicalities involved in a simple assault case. If you have committed an assault as an act of self-defence, that might be in your favour as well. No matter which way the case runs, it is important to have a good attorney by your side.

That is your one chance of fighting the case against you more effectively. You will also have to look around for the right lawyer. Hire the services of a lawyer who has handled similar cases before.

A simple assault case has to be handled with care. The penalties will differ depending on the severity of the assault. The Law Office of Philip Averbuck has extensive experience with handling such cases and you will have a better chance of succeeding with him fighting your case. Also, check out our new page on Simple Assault.