Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

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The Other Costs of Laser Eye Surgery

While most people realize the significant financial costs of laser eye surgery and willing accept them willingly if it means having their vision corrected, they any also agree to surgery unaware that there may be hidden costs of surgery like of side effects and complication.

Chronic dry eye, improperly repaired defects, and impaired night vision are some of the potential costs of surgery, and sometimes the only solution for them is further surgery. Make sure your doctor informs you of all the risks associated with your surgery, and avoid any doctor who will not.

Beware of the Costs of Laser Eye Surgery

The costs of laser eye treatment cataratta padova may be more than a simple matter of the amount of money you pay to have your vision surgically corrected. There are sometimes costs of laser surgery which show up as side effects or complications following the procedures.

While these side effects and complications are rare enough that most people think the benefits far outweigh the costs of laser treatment, the costs are real and you should approach them with your eyes wide open.

How many and how frequent are some of these side effects and complications? They occur seldom enough that the odds are very much in your favour that none of them will happen in your case, but you are still better off knowing about them and realizing that surgery, like any form of surgery, cannot promise a perfect result and not responsible doctor or clinic will let you think otherwise.

Any clinic or doctors making the promise of a 100% successful and risk-free outcome are misrepresenting the facts considering the potential costs of surgery and should be avoided.

Chronically Dry Eyes

One of the most widespread costs of laser eye treatment is that it can lead to the extreme dryness of the eyes. This side effect is most likely to occur in women of postmenopausal age, antihistamine users, and cold climate patients. But anyone who undergoes surgery will be provided with artificial tears for use as long as they need them, which may be for weeks or even months.

You will also be told to use a humidifier in your home to help alleviate your symptoms.

If you experience a particularly severe case of dry eyes, however, your laser eye surgeon can implant artificial tear ducts in your eyes.

Less Than Perfect Results

Another of the costs of it is that while the great majority of those who have it are rewarded with significantly improved vision, very few people end up with 20/20 eyesight or better. They often return to have their vision fine-tuned with further surgery, but those who started with severe nearsightedness or farsightedness, or other health problems, may simply not benefit from more surgery, which will increase their level of risk.

Impaired Night Vision

One of the more alarming costs of laser treatment is that many people report the appearance of halos or ghost vision, especially when they are driving at night. This effect may be temporary and subside without further intervention, but it will often need further surgery.

The financial costs of laser eye surgery are significant enough, currently averaging between fifteen hundred and twenty-five hundred dollars per eye, depending on the sort of surgery needed to repair a visual defect. What if you were to put out that sort of money, only to find that your existing eye problems have been cured, but replaced by a new set of eye problems, it would only be natural for you to resent the outcome.

And what if your doctor then informed you that another operation will be required to repair the damage left from the original and that you are facing both the expense and the risks of the next operation? You may realize now why understanding all the costs of eye surgery is essential before you decide to have it!